Smores on a Stick with Kids in the Kitchen

Want to make something fun with the kids this weekend? Something new and different that in these cold winter days can bring back memories of the warm weather. Well enjoy my simple recipe of Smore’s on a Stick. Create different flavors using many ingredients that all have the marshmallow the center of this dessert. We make these after school all through the year and are super fun for kids to enjoy at any type of gathering. Enjoy and share your creation in the comments.

All you need for Smore's on a Stick


All you need:

1 package large or jumbo marshmallows

1 package of almond bark or melting chocolate-white and dark

1 package of white candy sticks

2 cups graham cracker crumbs

1 cup crushed toasted pecans

2 cups caramel melted

1 cup coconut-optional

rolling the marshmallows

The steps are simple but the first thing you must do is put the marshmallows in the freezer for a few hours. We do this so that when it’s dipped in the chocolate it will harden quickly and the marshmallow won’t melt. Then melt chocolate as package suggests. Place the stick in the center of the marshmallow all the way to the other end. Dip in chocolate or caramel and roll on additional toppings. Traditional is Marshmallow dipped in chocolate and rolled in graham cracker crumbs but the possobilites are endless. let each family member make their own favorite creating.
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6 Responses to “Smores on a Stick with Kids in the Kitchen”

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  1. these look awesome!! I have never seen white choco sticks — where do you get?
    I am definitely going to splurge with these….Rach

  2. Thanks, they are fun and tasty. The sticks are not chocolate but you can substitute them for pretzel sticks dipped in the chocolate as well.. You also do mini and thin sticks which are fun for a snack.

  3. barb g says:

    These look great! I think I’ll toast my marshmallows under
    the broiler for that great taste before I freeze them so it
    will taste more like a smore does. Very cute presentation
    on these thank you!

    • Sounds good…let me know how it works. I promise they do taste toasty if you pecans and toast them. WE roll them in coconut and you can dye the coconut to fit the holiday theme colors.

  4. Nekky says:

    I’m running out of ideas and here is a great one. Even my youngest can do this too. Thanks for sharing it. I found you on MBC. You can also check out WORLD BLOGGERS COMMUNITY ( and connect with other bloggers from around the world.

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